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I will train you at your apartment fitness center, a nearby park, office, at home, or virtually. I supply the equipment and coaching needed to bring function and vitality to your body without the need for a gym membership.

All ages and skill levels welcome.

*NASM Certified and Insured*





Everyone is different in: their posture, movement habits, goals, genetics, and preferences. Custom workouts and individualized learning is what you are paying for. 


Nutrition is irremovable from your results. Get assistance with your average calorie intake, macronutrient mix, and hydration.

ASSIGNED virtual Workouts

If you travel often,or want some sessions to be flown solo, I will provide custom programming and recorded video instructions for your workouts on your own at very reduced cost.


If squat rep-max's and miles-times don't excite you, then perhaps one of the many skills I teach is a more motivating goal. See the Optional Learning Section. From handstands, to backflips, to muscle-ups.


With almost all fitness goals, strength plays large role. Building muscle is an essential part of metabolism, physique, flexibility, skill development, and injury prevention. 

Muscular health

Posture reinforcement and joint mobility may be integrated into your workouts. Look and feel poised; be pain free. 



"Coach Matt is fun, passionate, and knowledgeable. He has a trained eye for the human body and how to improve movement, increase flexibility, and relieve pain. Training with Coach Matt is always a fun time because of his attitude. I highly recommend spending your time with him, you won't regret it."  -  Jeff, 29

"I've known and trained with Matt for many years and have the utmost respect for his knowledge and ethics. He has a zest for including fun and novelty in every workout and is dedicated to making lifelong changes in his client's life."  -  ryan, 26

"Matt is an exceptional trainer who is well rounded and full of knowledge...I've been working with him for about a month and a half, I've noticed a significant difference in my posture and strength...I enjoy working with him, he is full of energy and fun to work with."  -  Bianca, 22






No contracts, no start up fees.

Session are 60-70 min, are prepaid in 2-week blocks, aND GUESTs are welcome.

30 min session pricing is available upon request.


Take the first step (the hardest step) and claim a no-commitment introductory assessment at a discounted rate.





Flexibility Training

Flexibility can be just a whimsical goal for you. I like you already. Or flexibility can be practical for another goal or outcome - like a handstand or impressing people on the dancefloor. Either way I got you.

AcroYoga training

Despite what it looks like on Instagram, AY is a very entry-level and anyone can get basic and fun poses in the first 10 minutes! Acroyoga presents a fantastic opportunity for couples or partners to train together as well. With infinite amounts of poses and transitions, unlocking and nailing a new move is a very motivating way to spur you to greater strength and flexibility. Be warned, acroyoga demands it's practitioners to be honest, trusting, joyful, communicative, and authentic!



Handstand training

I won't ask why you want this skill as long as you don't ask how I got so good at it.

Parkour training

Making the world your playground. Parkour feels like taking both the short-route and the scenic route at the same time. Most of what is publicized seems intimidating, but parkour can be a great entry-level tool improving overall fitness.


Calisthenics workouts

A fancy term for body-weight exercise. Calisthenics personal training was probably the result of someone getting very creative in their attempt to save money not buying exercise equipment. Instead of stacking on another 10-pound plate, you get to have more fun in progressing!

tricking/flips training

A favorite among kids. Safe and fun progressions.



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Servicing Houston within Beltway 8 including Memorial, Galleria, West University, Midtown, Downtown, The Villages, Spring Valley, Rice Military, Bellaire, Jersey Village, Spring Branch, Tanglewood, Missouri City, Greenway Plaza, The Heights, EADO, and Briar Meadow.